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Grey's Anatomy Season 13

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13

Grey’s Anatomy season 13 finale: Watch online, How to watch the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13 finale ‘Ring of Fire’ online Date: Thursday, May 18Start Time: 8:00 pm ETEpisode: Season 13, Episode 24, “Ring of Fire”TV Channel: ABCLive Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2.

Grey’s Anatomy season 13 Live Stream Online

UGGGGGHHHHH. There’s so much to talk about because so much happened in the last episode. Most importantly,  Grey’s Anatomy successfully zigged instead of zagging at nearly every turn in “True Colors.”

Of course, you can read our full recap and review of the episode right here, but the important things to know are that Owen’s sister is alive and Amelia speaks flawless German, Steph Edwards and a little girl named Erin are trapped in a burning hospital wing, and Meredith’s relationship with Nathan went from 0 to 60 and back to 0 all in the span of one episode.

Previously on Grey’s Anatomy, a dangerous patient encounter put the life of Stephanie in jeopardy and sent the hospital into lockdown. Elsewhere, Alex made his way to a medical conference where he ran came face to face with Jo’s abusive ex while Owen received word that his sister had been found alive which sparked an unlikely reunion for he and Amelia – while also setting up for the next bump in the road for Meredith and Nathan’s blossoming romance.