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Johnson Vs Elliot

Johnson Vs Elliot live

Johnson Vs Elliot live: Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will be back on your television screen for free, The Ultimate Fighter Finale Prelims: Johnson vs. Elliott: From Las Vegas .Watch Live Online Tv.  Johnson vs Elliott Live Stream Game, Johnson vs Elliott Live Streaming

Johnson Vs Elliot live Stream


Since Demetrious Johnson has pretty much taken out all the top contenders at 125 pounds, UFC decided that rounding up all of the champions in other organizations at Flyweight, pitting them against each other in a tournament for a shot at dethroning “Mighty Mouse” was the only viable option. While that may have hurt the feelings of some of the current Flyweights under UFC control who have yet to get their shot at Johnson,

David: In a perfect world, Johnson is interviewed by Jimmy Fallon and gets to be in that new XXX film (no not the one you just watched on your work break) with Vin Diesal, Donnie Yen, and Neymar. Maybe he’s even the face of the UFC: a dude who isn’t indignant, or garish…just a wholesome Captain American type our parents would like for us to look up to. But we don’t live in that world, and so Johnson, a fighter with the most considerable talents in the world, is headlining a TUF card. He hasn’t lost in five years, so I guess this is the UFC’s gold watch gift to him.